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nscrbug said: here on this forum. I'm hoping that some of you can answer a few ordering questions that I have...(yes, I have already read the FAQ on ordering thread, but it didn't help me). I live in the Chicago suburbs and am very interested in the Sky with an automatic transmission. I stopped by the dealer located in Tinley Park,IL last weekend (March 11th) and was told by a salesman that the automatics were not being produced until late this year or possibly even next year at the earliest...yet I'm reading on this forum that some are arriving. I just read a post that somebody wrote about an automatic that just arrived at his/her area dealer and that they were going to testdrive it soon. What is the real story on the production of automatics? Am I too late to even think about ordering one at this point? Should I even bother trying...or am I just wasting my time? Will dealers in the Chicagoland area even take anymore orders at this time? ANY help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

Linda -- I am #9 in line for Tinley Park. They have 10 to sell. All have been accounted for (now the owner owns 4-6 dealers so enquire) However, the comment has been made that they have ten to sell and 37 in line.... So the questions about availability has to be #1
Most places have sold out their allotment.
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