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Saturday I was in cerberus's neck of the woods helping a friend pack for a move. I asked him if he could come by so I could see his car. He came over offering to help with the packing.

Well my friend was not to organized, so we spent more time talking "Sky"

BTW I did get to drive Cerberus's car. I got it up to 60 pretty quick! :D

His assesment is that I should get a Redline :driving:

Anyway I took some pics of his car, so with his permission. Here they are.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Saturn sky Sports car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Performance car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Wheel Convertible
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Saturn sky Sports car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Personal luxury car Automotive exterior

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It was great to finally meet you after all this time.

All of us here come as strangers with very different backgrounds,
sometimes struggling to communicate without misunderstandings or little dust ups,
but we shouldn't forget that we all also share this experience of skywatching and eventually owning as well.

Everyone here has a hand in shaping the kind of community and forum they want to be a part of if they so choose.
Just a little soapbox something to think about.

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I would like to meet as many of you as possible..... i really think we chose a GREAT vehicle and it seems to suit us ALL....... SkyBaby-07
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