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If your car is a Kappa, make WindRestrictor your automotive accessory. We've been making Solstice, Sky ,OpelGT, and Daewoo wind blockers from the very beginning.

We are GM (General Motors) officially licensed. So expect your favorite Sky/Solstice convertible logos standard. But, where we REALLY shine is our custom graphics work. ANYTHING you want to laser-etch can be done to your exact specifications by our art team. We've done superheroes, sports teams, movie posters, business advertisements, family portraits, etc. Your imagination is the only limit. Then we light it up with one of eight different colors. You also have the option to get them all and cycle through them.
Our Kappa people will love that our wind deflectors do just that. You'll notice a significant decrease in airflow immediately. A DIY project, installation takes about 90 minutes. Our quality bracketing won't shake or shimmy like lesser models. Don't trust your safety to unsightly and unsafe plastic belts and straps. Your well-being should come first. We've tested our product at over 100mph and had no problems!

Use the link at the top and get a FREE lifetime warranty and 10% off your purchase!
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