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Added another Saturn to the family today. No not my SKY, my son's ION R/L coupe, funny thing we ordered his ION this morning, they found one, exactly the way he wanted it in a neighboring city, took delivery and drove away by 430 pm. He has three weeks to go before license reinstatement. So he has to suffer right along with me:lol: Oh well, misery loves company:lol: :lol:

He got silver and it really looks good withe silver powder coat with polished rims, super tough!!! It performs silly fast, and the SKY is no match for it. It is tyhe badest of the bad in Saturns inventory. I wish the SKY R/L would have the 2.0 liter supercharges ECOTECH, it is much smoother than any turbo, I would take it over a turbo anyday. If you ever get a chance, drive one. I ran off and left a Eclipse turbo GSX.:thumbs:

Well that is my story, I still sit patiently waiting for my new Sky. I got the group owner to huntit down for me, maybe he can, he was on the phone when I left. A good thing he was at the dealer so I could talk to him, about it. He is a good man to. Doesn't hurt to have friends in high places!

In closing I will ask, where o where is my baby? Hurry hoime to pappa!!!:willy: :willy: :willy: :D
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