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Aftermarket antenna

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Was looking at at the stubby antennas and they list them for the solstice. Would I be correct to assume that these will fit the Sky also? Do you need to purchase the base also or do these just fit into the stock base on the sky? Thanks for any help
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How about a power antenna? I have one on my Miata (soon to be sold), and it lowers whenever the antenna is not needed, like when the CD is playing, and when you turn the car off.

This would also help with the cover (which I will get for it), as a hole for the antenna is not needed.
I saw a post on the sol site where a guy installed a power antenna. I did a search and cannot find the post, however, it looked like a factory install. I am definetly going to do this once my Redline comes in. :D
When or if the day comes that you want to do the power antenna route, email me and I will send you the pictures and how to.
Let me give you a tip, you will need to cut a slot into your baby to make this work. However with a nice grommet that is already in your car door, you can dress it up very well.
The ONLY antenna that will fit in our cars is the Metra PW-6.

The motor will be located between the rear wheel and the bumper, the antenna routes above the wheel and into the cavity for the antenna.
The smallest Metra unit is used in Miatas and is too big for the cavity in the Solstice and likely the same as in the Sky's.

Unless you wish to pull your head unit to connect to it, I have a switch that puts the unit up. Kill the power and it comes down by itself. No way in heck I was going to pull the head out just to get power.

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