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I stopped at my Saturn dealership to here the weekly bs. And what was on the floor for 15 minutes before an Ion customer bought it? A brand new Aura.

ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOME RUN!!!!!:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

Man this thing is screwed together REALLY nice. And there will be a Redline Aura later. Seriously, this is truly a nice car. The door closes like a vault. The headlight covers look like a Rendezvous (yuch) but all else is sweet. If you squint a little it looks like a smaller, smoother 300. A couple of the salemen and mechanics had driven them today and they all said it was the best Saturn they had ever driven. As I looked at interior features it appeared that a lot of thought went into this car. Chevy (Malibu) and Pontiac (G6 and other sedans) may have a problem with their younger brother. My guess is that they will sell really well.

It was parked where the Sky used to live in the showroom.
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