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this announcement was originaly posted at by Crimson Avenger.
The First West Coast Solstice Club meeting location and date are set.
This Meeting is open to all who are interested in the Kappa platform cars.
though our interm name is Solstice Club of America, this will be up for vote at the meeting, and the club will be open to all kappa owners/future owners. the more sky enthusiasts we have, the better!

The Venue is:
  • 2005-11-04/2005-11-06
  • San Simeon
  • Courtsey Inn: []
  • 800-555-5773
  • Room pricing:
    • both Friday and Saturday nights [Nov 4 to Nov 6]
      • $59.95 + 5.40 tax = $65.35 / night (total $130.70)
    • Saturday Night only [Nov 5 to Nov 6]
      • $59.95 + 5.40 tax = $65.35 / night (total $65.35)
Booking Your Room
  • They will start accepting room assignments today.
  • UPDATE 2005-10-07: The Courtsey Inn has additional availibility, so it's now first come first served, and we can take more folks on Friday night.
  • When you book, tell them your with the "Solstice Club of America" (our interim name) to get the group discount rate.
  • Give them your credit card to reserve your room.
  • Once you get your reservation number, register on the solstice forum, and vote in the linked thread.
  • Deadline for group rate discount is October 20.

Room Choice and Availability
  • Please, only book the rooms with 2 beds if you need them. The desk will be flexible with us on that, but if you can get away with just a single king, please book one of those rooms. We figure there will be some folks who are bringing their buddies instead of their significant others.
  • Once we run out of our block of rooms, you may still be able to get a room at our negotiated rate, but that will be subject to availability, so book sooner rather than later.
  • Our availability for Friday night is fairly limited. They don't have a lot of flexibility to go much above the 7 we have reserved, so if you want Friday night as well, don't delay! ;)
  • Saturday, there is currently some additional capacity, but again, book sooner rather than later.
Note, this thread also has a poll, so once you've called and reserved your room, vote in the poll. :patriot:
once regestered please register for the solsticeforum, and vote in the poll on the linked thread.
or pm me, and i will add you if you dont feel like conspiring with the enemy ;) :cheers:

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this by the way is a planning, and foundry meeting. basicly it will be a buisness meeting to get this whole thing started. everything will be up for vote. all i ask is that you bring your ideas, bodys, and votes. this club is for all of you after all.
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