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OK my fellow Canadians, has anyone heard of a Canadian delivery yet. I know that one lucky customer has his SKY sitting in the dealership here in Ottawa and he will pick it up on Saturday. (he lives about 150 miles north)...

By the way thanks to all in the groups who reported the wheel rub issue. I went to the grand unvailing last night and quietly checked and both cars (demo and customer car) had rubbing issues.

I took the sales manager aside and explained the problem and what could be done to fix it. He said that 2 service bulletins have come in on the SKY but he had not looked at them yet because... well he didn't have any. But he saw the problem and went right to his office to figure out how to get the problem resolved on both cars.

This forum is great. The dealer half joking asked if he could call me if there were other issues... Sure just rush my car - summer is short - :) Number 5 and waiting.
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