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Will Try

tolaiz said:
Seagull, that is awesome!! Wish I would have thought of that with enough time. Maybe for the next one we can get T-shirts made up. That was cool, would love to have my Avatar on a T-shirt. Hmm.. :rolleyes: Theresa
I'll Try to have something by then
:thumbs: :cool:
And I will make note on the other thread
Only 3 days to go now

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Pics of meetup!

jdigiant said:
Sunday, June 25th

There is a run down PCH from Huntington Beach (through Newport, Laguna, San Clemente, San Onofre), through Pendelton, and down through the beach communities of Northern San Diego County (Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar). We will end down in San Diego for dinner - at the Gaslamp, or somewhere else. The way back it would be easy to all split up and zip home on the freeway.

Located on Beach Blvd, south of the 405
Dealership opens at noon, we will be "Wheels Turning" at 1PM

So far, it looks like SIX SKYs: jdigiant, Robotech, Seagull, Angelqute1, HotRedRoadster and Tolaiz - plenty of room for more to join us - if you have a car or not!
Here are some pics of the cars at the meetup!!!!
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