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Article in February Motor Trend

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The article states that in relation to the Solstice "Expect a more luxurious interior and a nicer ride (thus less aggressive handling) ....".

It also says to expect a naturally aspirated Ecotec at launch.
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I really hope if it does come with "less aggressive handling" that theres a performance package you can get to make it aggressive again. I'm still wondering what they're going to do to the base Sky to make it more upscale then the Solstice. I'm really hoping they don't do something stupid and price it too high.

Because if they make it like $23k base with options putting it upto $30k, and still be only NA I might as well buy the Lancer Evolution I've always wanted for far superior performance.

I'm really not willing to pay over $25k for the forced induction version with some minor options added on. It puts it too close to other car prices I'd rather have for the money if it goes above that.
Upscale to GM may simply mean a little bit of extra fake aluminum look plastic on the interior, or possibly a couple extra pieces of standard equipment such as power locks/windows and/or air conditioning. Heck, even upscale “premium” Buicks are not that much more impressive than your run of the mill Chevy’s. Usually they just have a little bit of extra fake wood or something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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