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At 83 finally got my first Sky

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At 83 I realized motorcycles and Slingshots were a thing of the past. So, I just purchased this 2008 with 55,000 miles. So happy I found this and it has been taken care of so well.

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Welcome to the forum.

Nice find.
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Awesome! Slingshots are just silly. No one respects those things. lol.
the Sky, however, will start conversations and is so much fun.
Welcome to the group from Michigan. great looking machine!
The Slingshots are not to my taste either, but a friend that has one certainly does not agree.
Some would also classify the Sky as "silly" given its lack of utility.

After 16 years I still have people ask what my Sky is, tell me how much they like it, and ask where they can get one.
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I have seen that criticism of many sports cars over the years, but always by people that are missing the point. Sports cars aren't for hauling crap, they are for delighting people who travel in them. Any creature comforts or luggage space a given sports car may have is a bonus!
That was my point, actually.
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