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Attached Tonneau Cover Installation Instructions

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All -

Attached are the instructions for installing the official GM Tonneau Cover. I purchased one, but now I'm not sure if I'm going to use it or not. (If you want it, PM me and we can discuss a price.)

I loved the Tonneau in my Spitfire. It was great to unzip the driver's side and tool on down the road on a pretty cold day with the heater on; the tonneau kept all the heat down low in the cockpit, and I was able to drive top-down in a Michigan winter with weather in the forties. Kinda freaked out those around me, but I love a top-down ride. It was also good when parking to seal up the cockpit so that it didn't get dusty or have leaves and stuff blow into it, without the hassle of putting the top up on the Spit (a complicated and laborious process!) Closing the Tonneau consisted of zipping it up, resting the front on two posts on the dash, and then doing four snaps on the door.

On the Sky, the Tonneau goes all the way back into the trunk; I think it's going to conflict with my windscren. It attaches to the dash by clips that go into the defroster vents (that's a pretty clean way to do it.) It attaches to the doors via clamps. Unlike the Spit which had a zipper going from front to back, this one has two zippers that extend from the driver's door to the centerline - one behind the seat and one up on the dashboard. The front will stay mounted all the way across the dash even when driving the car. On the Spit the extra tonneau flap was just tossed behind the driver's seat. On the SKY, there are straps to tuck away the rolled up flap under the cover on the passenger side. That's really slick.

My reservations are two-fold. One, I think it won't work well with the windscreen. And two, the instructions call for drilling four holes at the corner and mounting four snaps on the body of the car - two at the back by the headrests, and two up front by the mirrors. I'm not sure I want to do that to my car just yet. And besides, I am dealing with 90 degree California summers right now, not 40 degree Michigan winters.

So, while I can recommend the experience of driving with a tonneau in my Michigan Spit, I don't know if a California SKY tonneau is really what I need right now. If you want to give it a try, I have a brand-spankin' new tonneau cover to offer to anybody who is looking to buy one. If I don't get any takers, I'll hang onto it and might install it in a couple of months once I get to know the car a little better.

In the mean time, I think I got some tonneau-less driving to do...:driving:


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So many pages, so little time to read.

I am thinking of just putting together a light cover with some elastic to slip over the wheel and one for the seats- mostly due to the heat and sitting/holding black leather in 90 degree days.
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