Auto-blip will "rev-match" your car's engine when downshifting. It connects to your car's clutch pedal switch, brake lamp switch, and gas pedal. It automatically revs the throttle when both clutch and brake are pressed, for example when you are performance driving. The amount of gas and time of rev match can be adjusted, as well as totally controlled to be on/off with the main power switch if you don't want it on all the time.

Requires car with electronic throttle/gas pedal, and manual transmission. I did an engine swap on my Sky and this isn't compatible now for me. One of the lead wires is short but can be easily lengthened by opening up the braided cover to make a splice. Easy to install with wire taps under your dash, 6 foot cable to mount anywhere on your dash that's convenient.

Free shipping to US48.

For more info see their website: Buy AutoBlip | AUTO-BLiP