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Voster said:
Hi i'm new to the forums here and i was wonder if anyone was succeful at bargaining the price of the sky after the dealer has set the price? i know it pretty easy to bargain when you're buying a new car but i doubt u can bargain much with a brand new model car that is really high in demand.
Also keep in mind Saturn's "no hassle" prices which basically intend that neither side haggles with the MSRP price of a new Saturn. Now the Sky's demand has made some (insert adjective here) dealers set their sticker above MSRP -- such a dealer may be willing to play with a pricetag.

I would say aim for MSRP with this car, most of us have gotten it and I know of no one who has actually *proven* that they have paid under MSRP (though we have had claims on this forum so it may be possible).
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