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If I were to take a Sunday afternoon drive along Pacific Coast Highway from Huntington Beach to La Jolla, I would play the following tunes:

(and I often do :skep: )

1,America,Neil Diamond,The Essential Neil Diamond
2,Call Me,Blondie,Back to Back Hits
3,Come Dancing,The Kinks,Come Dancing With the Kinks
4,Every Trick in the Book,Roger Hodgson,Rites of Passage
5,Feels Like the First Time,Foreigner,Complete Greatest Hits
6,I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles),The Proclaimers,Sunshine on Leith
7,Magic,The Cars,Complete Greatest Hits
8,Solsbury Hill,Peter Gabriel,Shaking the Tree
9,Start Me Up,The Rolling Stones,Forty Licks
10,Take It Easy,Eagles,Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)
11,Up!,Shania Twain,Up!
12,"Walk, Don't Run",The Ventures,Walk - Don't Run: The Best of The Ventures
13,Dipinto Twist,Los Straightjackets,Supersonic Guitars in 3-D
14,Heartache Tonight,Eagles,"The Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol 2"
15,I'm a Believer,Smash Mouth,Shrek
16,I'm Holdin' on to Love,Shania Twain,Come on Over
17,Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon,Queen,A Night at the Opera
18,Learning to Fly,Pink Floyd,A Momentary Lapse of Reason
19,Put on Your Old Brown Shoes,Supertramp,Famous Last Words
20,Sharp Dressed Man,ZZ Top,Greatest Hits
21,Sister Moonshine,Supertramp,Crisis? What Crisis?
22,The Boys of Summer,Don Henley,Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits
23,Manic Monday,The Bangles,Greatest Hits
24,Move It On Over,Geirge Thorogood,Greatest Hits
25,Runnin' With the Devil,Van Halen,"The Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1"
26,Showdown,Roger Hodgson,Rites of Passage
27,Take a Chance on Me,ABBA,Gold: Greatest Hits
28,The Tide is High,Blondie,Back to Back Hits
29,Dance the Night Away,Van Halen,"The Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1"
30,I Can't Dance,Genesis,We Can't Dance
31,Rock 'N Me,Steve Miller Band,Greatest Hits 1974-1978
32,The Last Time,The Rolling Stones,Forty Licks
33,39,Queen,A Night at the Opera
34,Get Rhythm,Johnny Cash,The Legend of Johnny Cash
35,Go Your Own Wasy,Fleetwood Mac,Rumours
36,One Way or Another,Blondie,Back to Back Hits
37,San Diego Shutdown,Los Straightjackets,Supersonic Guitars in 3-D
38,Surfin' U.S.A.,The Beach Boys,Endless Summer
39,Up Around the Bend,Credence Clearwater Revival,36 All-Time Greatest Hits
40,Walk Like an Egyptian,The Bangles,Back to Back Hits
41,Come On Over,Shania Twain,Come on Over
42,Double Vision,Foreigner,Complete Greatest Hits
43,Fooling Yourself,Styx,Greatest Hits
44,Heartbreaker,Pat Benatar,Back to Back Hits
45,Life in the Fast Lane,Eagles,"The Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol 2"
46,Rockin' Down the Highwasy,The Doobie Brothers,The Best of the Doobies
47,Take the Long Way Home,Supertramp,Breakfast in America
48,The Power of Love ,Huey Lewis & the News,Time Flies: The Best of Huey Lewis
49,Yellow Jacket,The Ventures,Walk - Don't Run: The Best of The Ventures
50,"I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide",ZZ Top,Greatest Hits
51,Jump,Van Halen,"The Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1"
52,It Keeps You Runnin',The Doobie Brothers,The Best of the Doobies
53,Ring of Fire,Johnny Cash,The Legend of Johnny Cash
54,All Star,Smash Mouth,Shrek
55,Surf City,Jan & Dean,Anthology Album
56,Beautiful Noise,Neil Diamond,The Essential Neil Diamond
57,"Fun, Fun, Fun",The Beach Boys,Endless Summer
58,Jungleaya,Los Straightjackets,Supersonic Guitars in 3-D
59,Pleasant Valley Sunday,The Monkees,Greatest Hits
60,Drag City,Jan & Dean,Anthology Album
61,I'm on My Way,The Proclaimers,Shrek
62,Mr. Blue Sky,Electric Light Orchestra,Afterglow
63,Shake It Up,The Cars,Complete Greatest Hits
64,Hold On Tight,Electric Light Orchestra,Time Flies: The Best of Huey Lewis
65,Kodachrome,Paul Simon,The Paul Simon Anthology
66,Forever in Blue Jeans,Neil Diamond,The Essential Neil Diamond
67,I'm in Love With My Car,Queen,A Night at the Opera
68,Once Piece at a Time,Johnny Cash,The Legend of Johnny Cash
69,Right Now,Van Halen,"The Best of Van Halen, Vol. 1"
70,She's a Rainbow,The Rolling Stones,Forty Licks
71,Dead Man's Curve,Jan & Dean,Anthology Album
72,You Might Think,The Cars,Complete Greatest Hits
73,Don't Bring Me Down,Electric Light Orchestra,Afterglow
74,Tube Snake Boogie,ZZ Top,Greatest Hits
75,Honky Tonk Women,The Rolling Stones,Forty Licks
76,I've Been Everywhere,Johnny Cash,The Legend of Johnny Cash
77,In My Car (I'll be the Driver),Shania Twain,Up!
78,Legs,ZZ Top,Greatest Hits
79,California Dreamin',The Mommas & The Poppas,Casey Casem's Top Ten
80,Orinoco Flow,Enya,Pure Moods
81,Good Vibrations,The Beach Boys,Endless Summer
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