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Well... I was disappointed that didn't have a sale...

Any here is what I purchased today from gmpartsdirect:

1. Redline dash cluster
2. Waterpump

(If they had had a sale I might have purchased a throttle or a steering wheel.)

And from DDMWorks I purchased the Venom bar - which completes my DDMWorks frame reinforcement.

Last week I purchased a AC-Delco gas-cap with a key/lock.

So in two week M&N Garage in Danville CA will do the installation and also change the oil.

Ah - about two months ago I installed a gloss-black painted shifter/console and a state of the art pioneer /gps/phone/radio head unit.

Although we installed the OnStar package - I can't call them from my rear-view mirror - which I miss. But I really like the GPS and the in-car calling.

I like my car more than ever.
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