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Bloomington / Normal Cruise in 6/10/06 5:30

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All the local car clubs in Bloomington, Normal have a cruise in the second Saturday of every month. I have been asked to bring my Sky. I think we should try and get all the central Illinois Sky's and Solstice's out there. They start arriving around 5:30 and the break up and do some cruising after 8 or so. They meet in the K's parking alot right on the main strip along Veterans Parkway.

PM me for more info. I am also still working on a national even here in Bloomington to replace the Bloomington Gold Corvette show we lost a couple years ago.
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Sounds pretty cool! Not sure if we'll have our SKY by the 10th or not, but we'll definitely keep this in mind when we do get it!
One of our driving trips we hope to take includes both Bloomington, Normal and, Jen, Peoria. Perhaps we'll meet up?!?
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Sounds great.... hope we can make it!!!! SkyBaby-07
We'll be very close to getting our SKY by the 10th hopefully! :driving:

If we get it in by then, I've already told my hubby about this and he would love to go! If we miss it though, I'll keep in touch with you about the next one!! :thumbs:
Post Address to MapQuest route

I think I can make this please post meeting address. I also want to invite everyone to our Sky Car show in Downers Grove Illinois. We have got the owner of dealer to sponsor. There will be car clinics, porters to wash cars(free of charge) tons of food and plenty of Skys. this will be a chance to show off your car and meet alot of great Sky owners.

If you can make it P.M. either Skybaby or myself we want to flood the lot with Sky's and if you don't have your car yet this will be a great opportunity to see lots of different colors and options all in one spot.

The location:
Saturn of Downers Grove
1866 Ogden Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
The date: July 8, 2006 Rain date July 15, 2006
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It is in the K's Merchandise parking lot. There is usally over 100 cars. No vendor, just a bunch of really nice cars. K's is right off Verteran's Parkway and runs the lenght of Bloomington Normal. I think the cross road is Clearwater.

Hope all of you club can come down.

hi there.... is this... 5AM? .... let me know... we WILL be there!!! SkyBaby-07
Heavens no! 5 - 5:30 PM start time.
Sounds like fun. I may have to make the trip to be there on Saturday.
Could you give address as to mapquest?

I have been off on medical leave for 7weeks and am going back this week, I know I will have to work at least a half a day Saturday. So I want to make it out there. Could you provide a addrees so i can mapquest? Thanks Scott
I intend on being there

I intend on being there sounds like fun. I'll just have to put my nose to the grind stone and go through all the piled up work from being off so long
Would love to come but cant make it this time.
Are you going to have rain date?

It is forecast for cold and rain will you have rain date?
Second Saturday of every summer month. Here is the schedule for the summer.
:( I just want to appologize for not making either this cruise or the one today in michigan. Our nephew committed suicide a few days ago and things are not ok yet here. he was young. 19 and i guess life just got the better of him. I am looking forward to meeting anyone who shows to the Downers Grove SkyShow. SkyBaby-07
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