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Well. I opted to remove the Lumma spoiler - and not to go with a spoiler at all.

300 to have it removed and trunk repainted.

The latest repair... I wasn't looking for a deal - this garage charges dealer prices.

Diagnostics: Check Engine Light 188
Diagnostics: Cooling System 152 (A hose broke close to the firewall) 152
Remove and Replace Engine Mounts 451
Lube, Oil & Filter Service - Synthetic Blend 45
Remove and replace Heater hose 563
Water Pump: Remove and Replace - includes parts 1452 (The WP was previously replaced 22K miles ago)
Install exhaust and Intake VVTs 221
Replace brake-fluid, install new plugs
Discount -252

Smog (lasts two years) 89
Registration til 12/2022 120.
Insurance until 6/2022 900.

Swapping the VVTs and plugs has made the car feel noticeably more responsive. Eventhough it's a 2.4L (with the redline dual exhaust) it sounds powerful. Sounds great.
And the new engine mounts give the car a feels-like-new drive (previously I'd replaced the rotars, brake pads, G-Comp tires and shocks)

Body work, repair, registration and six-months insurance around 4600.


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