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Love it or hate it the Bluestone color elicits a emotional reaction.

Driving the Bluestone Redline gets you noticed.

I felt like a celebrity driving my Midnight Blue base since March the reactions to the Bluestone Redline is much more intense.

Went to Wisconsin Dells run last week great people and great reaction from the Sols-Base Skys in large group.

I have had no problems at all with the Rl except the soot in the tail pipes. I use NeverDull polish wadding material to keep it from permenantly stain the pipes.

The quaility of construction and paint is much better than My vin 271 MidnightBlue Sky. Everything fits better. They have got it down at the plant now. The power and handling is awesome, but lots of brake dust that has to be cleaned regularly. I did not have a big brake dust problem on base. Worth every penny!
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