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In November of 2022 I purchased a 2008 Saturn Sky, with 120K miles, base model, black in very rough shape.

Needs body work and paint, there is scarcely a body panel without some damage or blemish. Top does not close and as a consequence was left down for three years, rain of shine.

It would not pass smog, had several issues. Found oil in the sparkplug wells, replaced valve cover gaskets, and sparkplugs. Replaced thermostat, coolant temperature sensor. Had issues with EVAP system, was finally able to get it to pass smog. Yeah!

Driver door handle was broken, now fixed. Power door locks were working intermittently. Came with just one key and without key FOBS, purchased key and two FOBS had them programed, seem to work now.

Since the top was never closed, car was exposed to sun and rain for about three years, and the interior of the car is in bad shape, carpet needs to be replaced, seats need to be replaced, needs a new radio, illumination does not work.

Purchased a pair of seats from Redline Autoparts, looking forward to replacing them after the top is fixed and when the weather gets nicer. I will need some serious help with the top. It's pretty messed up; hoping some forum members with convertible top experience can chime in.

Don't believe what the Beach Boys said about it never rains in Southern California. This is the wettest year we have had in a long time. The sky is sitting under a tarp on the west side of my house, waiting for some sunshine here in the golden state.

This is a sad little car, that I hope to bring back to working order, and with any luck I can make it look spiffy too.
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Good for you to take on this reclamation project! Your car thanks you even though it might not say it…YET.
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