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Welcome to the forum and ownership club.
Nice purchase. Base model from the looks of it.
Details? Any other issues beside the headlight?

A new headlight will be expensive- if one can be found.
Hooiser GXP might have one in his inventory for you maybe?
You might be able to get one 2nd hand though. Scrap yard part.
Way cheaper and would solve the problem kinda quick for you while you
look for a new one maybe.

Enjoy the journey. Life altering. This is a great community with knowledgeable owners.
They can help you out- if you have more concerns?


* As a side bar note here- I'm watching this U-Tube video the other day.
Old engine sounds from cars of a different era. Lambos basically. Espada. Miura. Diablo.
In one snippet- it shows a Lambo leaving a car show gathering.
Across from the Lambo is a Cobra, & a 69 Camero. In between those two- a Sky.
I said to myself hold up here- let's run that part back. Yup sure enough that sat our gem.
U just never know when our car will show up on any given day.
Yes it does fit in with the crowd even with Lambos, Cobras & Cameros around.

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I bought a fed things off of Hooiser GXP stand up guy.

has anyone tried to try and get a group purchase together to try and get an aftermarket manufacture to make them? we did this years ago on a camaro forum and were able to get a company to produce a part we most of us needed by getting enough people to agree to buy one if they were made. we did the same thing on a jetski forum for an intake grate for the GPR

edit: I submitted a product Idea to Dorman.
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