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Thought I'd start a new one for anytime someone runs into another kappa , wherever it may be.. seems we're all nuts in some way or another and are kinda prejudice about our cars, if you don't have one or have driven one you just won't get it!
Got to park next to the batmobile! Maybe I should see if he needs a sidekick,, cars the right color to be "Robin " 馃ぃ
These are from cars and coffee in Melbourne Beach this Saturday.. missed a run from daytona to Jax but was going to be a long day for me to make that run..
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Clothing Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Sky

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Black Automotive design

Ran into another sky there.. Bill Johnson's beautiful 07 redline.. could have come off the assembly line last year.. super clean and bone stock other than the windscreen
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood

Apparently Doug flute owns 2 of these... he uses them to run errands and fundraising for his sons charity. Its not unusual to see it parked at the grocery store now and then!

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle


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Very cool! There is an inaugural car show a couple of miles from my house planned in the Cabela's parking lot Memorial day weekend that's open to all being put on by a local pit bull rescue charity so all money received goes to a good cause. I've considered registering as I imagine I would be the only Kappa entered. However I have a pretty good scratch on the back bumper that was there when I bought the car that I've yet to get taken care of and frankly it's embarrassing or otherwise I would most likely register.

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VIDJ, I was intrigued by the Kappa Run video in your post just below the Bat Mobile.

As I watched all of the Kappa's headed through the mountain scenery, I couldn't help but remember doing a Southern California Run sponsored for several years by the famous "skersfan" of much fame on this forum. Bob Brown (skersfan) sponsored the Palm Springs Run for several years in late October time frames. We were invited by Bob and Patti in October 2018, and I still often wear my T-shirt from that Palm Springs Run of 2018.

My real point of my post here is that in the video of your post I could just swear that Bob's yellow SKY re-bagded as an Opel GT with wide black strip front to rear was running just ahead of the camera man, Julius's car. As Bob and Patti visited us a few times, I can recall his yellow Opel GT quite well, and have several photos of the car. If anyone knows if that car in the video was in fact Bob's Opel, I would appreciate knowing. Here is a photo of Bob's car named "07 BLITZ" on the CA vanity license plate.

And Bob, RIP.

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Grille Wheel
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