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Just wanted to give an update on my install of the DDM works Center Console w/ cup holder. I received my product via UPS opened the box and just as advertised a strong one piece console that looks just like my black console in my 2008 Sky. The quality and feel is top notched.

Ok enough of that! Lets talk about the install.
The installation at first glance seems very obvious. Removal of the stock console is pretty straight forward. No issues. The instruction sheet included is detailed for the most part. The issue I had was getting the clips that are retained from the stock console off. They were very tight and required several attempts to get them off. Once they are placed on the new console the tabs that go in the back part of the console do not match up. I had to bend the tabs slightly to get them to line up in the slots (this is mentioned in the instruction sheet) it took several attempts to get it right. Trying to see where the tabs go in is really really hard to see! Move both seats up all the way and and let the seat backs go forward toward the visors and step in the rear with a flashlight to see the tabs. It is difficult but you will see. I got them lined up but the rear clips never snapped/popped into place! The front clip no issue. I tried spreading the clips apart but still no snap. The tabs just don't seem to work that well. I did cut away some of the carpet that was underneath the original console but even that did not help.

Drilling the screws through the cup holders was pretty straight forward. Make sure you have patience and take your time. Do not let the screw slip or you could scratch something. Drill out the center of the cup holder so u can mark where to drill into the metal. Use the screws to make a nice tight fit of the console piece just using the tabs is not going to work!

Thats it your done. I would suggest cutting a round piece of material to place inside the cup holders to keep moisture/liquid from going down into the holes and possibly soiling the carpet or rusting the metal. Took the car out and the comfort and convenience the of the holders was obvious. It does make a big difference.
Thanks Dave for a well made product.
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