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Check This Out [debadged Sky]

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I posted I just got my Sky in two days went in one day filled out some paperwork to have one made. The next day they called me and told me a guy backed out and I could get it. I debadged it and I have attached some pics, let me know what you think of it. I think it looks AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbs:

The other car is my buddys evo which is a real monster 11.5 1/4 mile. I am also looking at removing the antenna on the passanger side and putting an internal in does anyone know where to get them. Also the saturn symbol on the back end i want to take them off does anyone know where to get some custom or premade badges to replace them.


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I am going thru exactly what you did rite now..... Never in a million years did I even consider thinking about A Saturn let alone buy one. I remember last year was when I first saw a picture of the Sky on my brother's computer...
I was impressed.. and thought this car looked like the "shiet"... until they told me it was a Saturn... I didn't believe it until I saw the logo.. and even then I told them.. it must be a different Saturn...
I must admit.. it's a beaut!!
I'm asian... and as stereotypical as it may be... everyone thinks I should be in a Honda or an Accord... when I purchased my Mustang.. everyone just shooked their heads... so when you said you feared "being embarrassed" for driving a Saturn... i know exactly what u mean.

Even the asian Finance Manager at Saturn asked me... "Why do you even want a Saturn??" when he saw me drive up in my Z. hahahaha... I have a feeling this will be a purchased I will regret just like the Mustang.. but everytime I see this car.. I get excited all over again.
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