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9:00 - noonish

· Coffee and Doughnuts - Krispy Kream

· Schedule for this year

· Introduction to venders and mods

· Introduction of new members

· Club Cruise Rules -

o Safety

o Stops en route

o Speeds

· Review the roster information to make sure its correct

· Tour of Elway Chevrolet and introductions to Devin and Demetrius

o Safety checks and maintenance checks for cars

o Tire Rotations

o Oil changes

· Viewing of cars and latest updates

· Hands on training classes

o Kappa maintenance checks (the check list we developed some years ago)

o Kappa operations

· Hand out Punisher Calendars :)

· Lunch after the Elway event we are planning on having a group lunch at a local restuarant

· Tour of Chipmagic

o Shop

o Paint Booth


o View projects in progress

o View past projects

o View cars that have been painted / customized by Chipmagic

o Punisher Sol, Green Dragon Sky, Dream Sky, White Sky, . . .


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