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Filled out my contract today and credit app, made a heftier deposit, and hopefully will be receiving my Sky some time in the next several weeks. Timeline is upwards from 3 weeks, although I am highly skeptical of that lower end date.

I'm told I am second on their list, and "will definitely" receive one.

My fist choice: Silver Graphite, Red Leather (or Black if red is not available)

Price I contracted:

Sky Manual Trans: $23,690
Premium Trim: $ 750
6Disc Monsoon: $ 890
XM Radio: $ 325
Limited Slip: $ 195
18" Chrome Wheels: $ 795

Total: $26,645 (Plus Taxes, Title)

Found out some interesting info today from the dealer:

1) The red and black interior is not currently available. No word on when that will change. (I read this from the actual Saturn managers emails from Saturn).

2) The only color interiors available right now are black and tan.

3) Manual transmissions are to be the first available.

4) Silver Graphite, Black, Red and Midnight Blue will likely be some of the first colors available.

Ok skeptics, I know that there are 100 ways to attack this info. Don't shoot the messenger.
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