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Gramps here again with yet another odd question,

I have an inconsistency with the front corners of my convertible top.
I would like to know what your convertible top seam work looks like in the two front corners.
Do they match each other?

Condition A, the passenger side was deformed by the original owner. I bought the car that way.
I straighten it, now a lot better but a bump remains. I have to figure out how to flatten it.
The sewn seam work looks proper, but I question it because of Condition B.

Condition B is the driver side. It was not damaged.
It is in good shape, but the sewn seam work is folded upward as shown.
Since this was the perfect side, maybe the folded seam work is proper.
I wonder if I need to fold up the seam on the passenger side to make it right.

PS: How do you like my retrofit driver seat from Tyco?

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Three out of four of mine look like your Condition A and the fourth is folded straight under.

Your Condition A looks "right" but it is fabric, so i wouldn't get too torqued about it.
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