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Short update
Looks the Problem is found it.
the belt of the water pump is totally loose, probably the tensioner or the guide is broken.

we have ordered the timing and water pump tensione, belt, guides and even a new pump.
according the documentation I got with the car from the previous owner, the pump was already replaced month Ago, but I don’t won’t to take any risk.

there are only two small thinks I my afraid about; one is to be sure the workshop do the job correctly. The second one is to be sure that in the overheating, the engine was not damage.

if everything goes well this week, I will celebrate with my first track day with the car fully stock on Sunday 😈
We will hope that everything goes well!

The LE5 and LNF don't use a drive belt. They use chains.
Probably a Spanish to English translation issue.
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Yes, sorry. Just edited my message,
My mistake. I should say chain Instead of belt
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