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About two months ago Hurricane Ian hit Florida.

Sadly, this resulted in 15 Saturn Sky listings at Punta Gorda copart. Most of them nice cars.

One of these flood damaged cars was a 2009 Ruby Sky having CY9 rims.

Now... Except for core parts - like GM engine parts shared with the Solstice - parts for the Sky are increasingly hard to come by.

So I posted here - on - reaching out to the would-be winning bidder on the Ruby - that I was prepared to pay a good amount for the rims. (I don't want this post to be about the financial details.)

Well Hoosier came through. He:

1. Got the winning bid
2. Arranged for towing from Florida to Indiana
3. Took the tires and wheels off the Ruby
4. Took the wheels to a garage where the tires were removed from the rims
(Fortunately he had a spare set of rims to put on the Ruby)
5. Packaged the rims. The boxes he used were a perfect fit.
6. Provided tracking numbers. One for each rim
7. Sent the rims UPS to my mechanic in San Ramon.

So. Now the rims are installed. See the attached images.

I'm delighted with the wheels.

And I'm grateful to Hoosier for making it happen.


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