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I've been through a lot of the posts looking for a subject that will bring laughter from many....a SKY new right OR left fender.

A bit of a hijack of this subject (but still the reason pucks are of interest), but will just post my body shops statement to me that the repair of my SKY right front fender MIGHT REQUIRE A NEW FENDER!

The history .... a real deep chuck hole on I-40 caused the underneath part of the finder to crush. A view of the street appearance showed no damage and a view under the car showed nothing until the battery failed and the fender was removed.

The body shop fixing the fender believes from their phone calls to their parts supplier that if the fender needs replacement that they will be able to purchase a new fender from their favorite local supplier. I did politely share with the body shop that there was much doubt as to whether the supplier can provide a new fender. I have an agreement with the body shop that they will advise me if they get the new fender for my opportunity to stop by and photo it before it is painted. (and this is a high-end body shop that does/reputation of fixing expensive Ferrari type cars)

Standby for my report back this week of how this turns out for a new fender.

Here is a photo of the right fender as the car was taken to the body shop this morning, 9/13/2021.
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The Jury (Body Shop) is back with their decision.

They have ordered and received a new right side fender for my damaged SKY fender. Hagerty Insurance thus far has been great to deal with and expect that to complete well.

I will post photos below of the 1) fender and the 2) mock air vent piece, along with the 3) backside source GM label including the two part numbers; GM 13594192 and another number labelled as R DOT 20371525.

Also pictured is the 4) removed damaged fender which the shop explained the new fender would be much more timely and less expensive to accomplish than a new fiberglas construction where most of the pieces were gone. Only one small piece was saved that was about 25% of the missing structure.
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Avoid deep chuck holes on I-40 in the future would be my suggestion here.
The damage from bottoming out of the car- to your fender is significant.
Fiberglass repair from a quality body shop can be expensive- time consuming,
for small cracks- but... yours is just a bit outside the norm here.

This damage was not done by improper lifting of the vehicle without pucks. We have
seen these results from mechanics- Fast Eddie the tire changing wizard do this
many times to our cars. Snap Crackle Pop. My bad.

The fact that this body shop suggested a new fender- was able to procure one
from their source/supplier is also significant to our community in that- this almost
obsolete part can be found and used. Who that source/supplier is would benefit
our community of owners greatly?

The only 2 parts on our car that are made of fiberglass are our fenders. The flex factor
or lack thereof in this key area of stress is our car's Achilles heel so to speak or
type in this case, besides the WP- and that all important part, the console cup holder.
Damage like this seen in your last photo- to me is like curb hopping or one of those
concrete parking lot stoppers. Crunch. I'm glad the body shop was able to source
a new fender for you. I hope you can provide the name of the supplier where these
fenders can be had- in the future for our owners in need of replacement of their
fenders? There might be rush on fender purchases from the Sky community for
that supplier just say'n.

* Off and running my Sky in the next few days. Quick run around town today but
tomorrow- I head south to my youngest grandson's 2nd birthday party. Hey GDad what
did you bring me? About 225 miles round trip give or take. Then on Monday- first
thing- Sunrise drive to the Beach for 4 days. 450 mile round trip more or less.
Car is running good for now. No issues. I made my brother go and get 2 new tires
yesterday for good reason. I was seeing the metal cord/belts in the rubber. I think
these are original tires when we bought that car- 11 years ago. New tread on his
front wheel drive model just before the winter months ahead. He had replaced two
tires earlier. So basically new rubber compound on all four corners. It makes a big
difference to any car. Go and check your tires today for wear depth and
any signs of decay, uneven wear- or alignment issues.


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The fact that this body shop suggested a new fender- was able to procure one from their source/supplier is also significant to our community in that- this almost obsolete part can be found and used. Who that source/supplier is would benefit our community of owners greatly?

LAC Sky, you make a valid point about getting the fender supplier from my body shop and sharing it on the forum. I should add that based on what we have all known for just absolutely as many as a half a dozen years going, that new fenders are next to impossible to find and overly expensive if found.

And I have absolutely NO IDEA who this supplier could be in a city metro area looking at 3 million people. Furthermore, the bid estimate for parts is just under $1000.00, thus looking elsewhere could be a more viable alternative. It is possible this supplier just had an ‘AH HA!’ moment when the call came for that fender!

And under the circumstances, I won’t violate personal trust without the body shop owner’s agreement of his supplier’s name and his agreement that it can be provided on a national forum.

Please understand, I'm a believer in an upfront approach on something like this. :)

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The new right-side, fiberglas SKY fender is finished and #44 VIN is back on the road with a brand new painted, perfect match, RED right fender.

The job was done by Finishing Touch Body Shop, Matt Tilden, General Manager. FT has been in business in Fountain Hills in all the 29 years we have lived here and I believe many years prior. My opinion, there is no-one better.

As my body shop is in Fountain Hills, Arizona and is undoubtedly quite a distance from most Forum members, the best I can share is the parts supplier that Finishing Touch uses. And for those who might have an interest in inquiring about a new fender, that parts supplier is AutoNation Chevrolet, Chandler, Arizona. The person whom Finishing Touch deals with in the parts department is Robert Skinner. The email to reach Mr Skinner is [email protected]. From previous posts above, the photos show the parts used are genuine GM parts.

In summary:
AutoNation Chevrolet
Chandler, Arizona
Contact: Robert Skinner
email: [email protected]

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