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Voster said:
so i've shopped around Riverside/San Diego area for my sky...and i was able to get 2 deposit down and on 1 wait list. There were Sky's at all of the Saturn dealer i went to but not the color or tranny i wanted so i had to get on a list. I plan on buying the 1st of whichever of the 3 i got on the list for. Dealer said it would be around 10 to 12 weeks before i get car if they ordered it... think one of the dealer said i was #8 on list and he said about 3-4 months. I just hope it gets here soon cause its freaking getting hot in Southern Cali!

I got mine at Saturn of the Valley, in Van Nuys. Great service, I talk to them STILL all the time.... update them on how much I love the car! They call me just to say "hi". I know they had some available as of earlier this week. I believe Richmcc mentioned it in another post as well.

Good luck! Southern California meet to come soon!
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