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Are your creative juices flowing yet? I see all kinds of possibilities with the ones I sent you. When I need a shirt, I start surfing the web and looking what others have done. Eventually, something hits me and I have the idea in my head. It's OK to milk other cows as long as you make your own cream.
Substitute the Sky/Solstice with the cars in the photos, use the flames to emphasize the BBQ. Put in some firecrackers or fireworks to emphasize the 4th of July. I'd do the ladies shirts in pink. If you do the backs, put your image with the name, place and date of the event. Just my ramblin' thoughts. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.
You have great ideas... I am not very creative.... thank you.. Not feeling really great right now... maybe work on it again next week. TY again. SkyBaby
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