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On Saturday the 29th of April, we\'ll be holding a dyno day at TMW Dyno Research, located in lovely Rockdale, Illinois. Getting to the shop is very easy! Take I-80 to Larkin South. At your second light (Moen Ave) turn right (West). Your first street is Harris, turn left and the dyno shop is at the end of the first building. There is a tattoo parlor at the other end for those who get bored in between runs..

The shop uses an in-ground Dynojet, with wideband O2, and boost datalogging. If you want to measure boost you MUST bring your own T-fittings, hoses, clamps and whatever else it might take to get a 1/8\" or 1/4\"� boost line reference signal. Bring extra parts in different sizes to share. For the sake of saving time, figure out where to tie in prior to the dyno day.

The cost for doing 3-5 baseline pulls is $75.00. If you\'re interested in doing more tuning/parts swapping, please let the shop know and I\'m sure the owners will be willing to work with you. We usually bring a good mix of cars to the event and welcome everybody, regardless of car, make or model. We will be arriving at the shop at 8:30 a.m. and want to make our first pass at 9:00 a.m. to keep things moving smoothly and quickly.

If you are planning to attend, can you please email [email protected] and give them your info, even if you have posted here that you will attend. It will make it easier for the shop to schedule the day. Thanks much and we look forward to seeing you there on the 29th!
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