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I have a copy of my GM Order Workbench that shows my Redline at Event Code 4300 - Intermediate Delivery with a Effective Date of 10/28/06 and a Timestamp of 10/30/06 06:16:22. Does anyone know what this means. Does this mean it has been parked somewhere along the train route and will go to being Bayed 4B00, or is it better news that the next code should be 4800 - Rail Ramp Unloaded which would mean my car is here in town. I live in KC which is a huge railway hub. If anyone out there know what the Event Code 4300 means, especially Deluke, please advise. Thanks for the help.

Deposit on Base Sky 3-25-06 (#3)
Switched to Redline 4-27-06 (#1) MSRP in writing
Preliminary Order No. KGBXXQ (6-23-06)
Dealer Image ZMG67 Allocated 8-24-06
Target Production Period 9-18-06 to 9/24/06
3400 Broadcast 10-10-06
3800 Produced 10-23-06 VIN 116050
4200 Shipped 10-25-06
4300 Intermediate Delivery (Effective Date 10/28/06 – Timestamp 10/30/06 06:16:22)
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You are correct... :thumbs:

Intermediate Delivery usually means the vehicle has been either unloaded somewhere waiting for another train/rail car or the rail car it was on was "parked" at the rail yard waiting for the correct train to head the correct way...

For our Retailer, the SKYs ship 4 times and get two Intermediate Deliveries... :banghead:

Just the way it is...


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