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ozyman222 said:
Costco members have the option of using "Costco Auto Financing Program".
Rates can be as low as 5.14%. Very easy to use. Apply on line or by phone, they will tell you what rate you qualify for, approve it within minutes, & send you a check for the full financed amount that any new or used car dealer in the country can accept.
I did it on line & got the lowest rate, approved in 3 minutes, & they mailed the check right out to me.
The added benefit is that if you don't use the check there is no cost to you at all, no obligation. The only drawback for people waiting for their Skys to arrive is that the check is only good for 45 days.

Much more info on
Hope this helps.:)
Ditto, I got mine through costco at the same rate you listed. Really painless.
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