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EVERYTHING has been sold.

For sale is a ROLLER CHASSIS of a 2007 Saturn Sky.

The car had a V8/LS swap in it. I am moving on to another project and the motor/trans and engine management is going into something else. Motor/transmission and engine management has all been removed already.

It started life as a 2007 saturn sky red line

Some dings on the front fascia
Typical cracks on the under side of fender panels from someone improperly lifting the vehicle.
I have the drivers side panel and original ecm

There is NO engine, transmission, radiator, radiator fan, engine harness, drive shaft, ect.

The chassis has 120000 miles +/- 10000
Currently registered non op.
Clean title in hand.

Pickup only (you will need trailer)
Asking $2,000 for the chassis.
Currently, I'm not intrested in parting out the car. If that time comes I will request that this post be removed and I will create a new post with the intention to part out.

ALSO, if you are interested in the V8 swap parts I used, here they are. LINK
$4,000 for chassis and swap facilitating parts. Pick up only.
-headers will mate up to the dual exhaust that I chose to leave in the car.

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