Repost from a while ago but I still need to get rid of the exhaust.....

It’s been quite a while since I posted but here goes nothing……. I have a factory exhaust system for sale that came off my 2007 NA Bluestone Sky (hence the name and avatar.) It had ~1000 miles on it when I replaced it with another members Redline exhaust (Antonio) and it’s been hanging in the rafters of my garage ever since.
I also have the original Black Valance with the single outlet in it.
As I mentioned it’s a like new “Cat Back” (no catalytic converter) NA factory exhaust and new isolators. I would like $100.00 for the exhaust and $25.00 for the valance (If I know you, we’ll talk…..). It would have to be a pick up only here in NW New Jersey. PM me if you’re interested.

Side note, if you exchange the NA exhaust for a Redline factory exhaust it’s a simple DIY and it gives the NA a nice mild little “throaty” sound change and gives the rear a nice symmetrical look. (IMHO)


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