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So its been a while since I checked in, and realize that I ride my Sky hard so do not assume this represents a gripe as much as a reporting...

I am just shy of a QUARTER MILLION miles on my 2007 Sky 2.4 L, should get there by calendar year's end, and yesterday in lifting of the trunk lid to put the top down the lid felt incredibly heavy, as if it was full of water. Upon closer inspection, the metal resistance screw at the latch had simply worn through and had collapsed in two. The lid is still functional, you just don't want to poking around under there and have it come barreling down on to your head/back/hands. At this stage I likely won't fix the spring it since it doesn't impact the experience significantly and its not going to impact a safety inspection.

Just wanted to share if anyone wanted to take steps to better protect their hinge area as mine was rusted through and I can assume all the opening and closing in the rain was no help.

I have had regular repairs under the hood, a self-replacement of a vomited-in CD changer/head unit, replaced a burned out resister on the AC fan blower (will post a thread about that if its of any help), done expected maintenance, and the first "thats that" ended up being the trunk latch spring. I am not complaining.

As for what else is barely hanging on by a thread - my driver's seat is mostly shredded, I get an error code when it rains heavy related to accelerator positioning sensor shorting out, and one of my frame lift cracks is more of a hole than just a crack in the fender now. Shes been rode hard, but I am not ready to hang her up wet just yet.
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