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I recently installed a new ATK LNF engine in my '08 Redline because my old engine had a blown out piston ringland. Some of the parts shown/listed are brand new and never installed, some have less than 1,000 miles on them because I had my old engine repaired just prior to it dying, and some are from the original engine (130K miles).

Brand new:
  • SOLD OEM BorgWarner K04 turbo taken off from the new ATK LNF engine (I already had a big wheel turbo) SOLD
  • AC Delco water pump (P/N 252-821 or 89036356) and gaskets plus Fel-Pro ES 71282 gasket set
  • Hawk Street 5.0 front brake pads (HB 524B.740)
  • Valve cover with gaskets (this was taken off the ATK engine and replaced with my old polished valve cover)
Almost new (less than 1,000 miles unless noted):
  • High pressure fuel pump (HPFP) with metal bracket and foam noise supressor.
  • Timing chain kit (Cloyes 9-4201SX Timing Chain) and balance shaft kit (Cloyes 9-4202S Balance Shaft Kit)
  • Throttle body (6K miles)
  • Ignition coils (set of 4)
  • Variable valve timing solenoids (VVT) - intake and exhaust
  • Mass air flow (MAF) sensor (GM 15865791) - (10K miles)
  • Turbo heat shield (5K miles)
  • Hawk Street 5.0 racing compound front brake pads - less than 100 miles. For you autocrossers who haven't upgraded your brake size. I ordered regular street pads but the ones they sent me squealed loudly. When I sent photos of the backs of these pads to Hawk, they confirmed I was mistakenly sent pads made from racing compound, sent me street pads, and told me to keep these).
Original (130K miles)
  • Variable valve timing solenoids (VVT) - these still work well. I bought new VVT's (described above) thinking my old engine issues might be related to them, but nope.
  • Intake manifold
  • Fuel rail
  • High pressure fuel pump (HPFP)
  • Left and right engine motor mounts (mechanic says these are in great shape)
  • Leaking turbo - good for making core exchange
  • Miscellaneous turbo-related piping, nuts, bolts, bracket and clamp
  • Catalytic converter
  • Right passenger side hood latch (GM 25785136)
I'm located in Orange County, California. Any reasonable offer considered...PM me.

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