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Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of my day off at Saturn of St Petersburg taking pics of the Chili Pepper Red SKY that came in Friday morning and was orignally my second color choice when I decided I wanted a SKY. DH talked me into Chili Pepper Red when we finally put a deposit down. Silver Pearl was my first choice.

Kudos again to Mike, Rey, BOB, Kyle and all the other guys and gals that made me feel WELCOME at Saturn of St Petersburg.

BOB ("sales guy"), who is the SKY guru at MY dealership said he had a SKY that would be coming in about two weeks that General Motors/Saturn made an error in the order (Manuel instead of Automatic and he was unable to change it as it had gone too far in the system) and was I interested in changing from the Chili Pepper Red. Well, yeah!!!!!! Now I need to call DH (Darling Husband). DH is working as Volunteer at the St Petersburg Honda Gran Prix this weekend and I was not able to get a hold of him all day (lots of noise down there and he could not hear his cell phone ring and also told me not to call unless it was an emergency). I considered this an emergency!!!!! Well DH finally got home about 6:30 last night and we sped off the dealership to see if we could get all the info on this car, but BOB had gone out to party and did not answer his cell phone. Rey tried several times to reach BOB but he was listening to R&B at First Night St Petersburg (music and debauchery each month in Downtown St Pete) and was not able to be located.

I tried to sleep last night but the anticipation of being able to find out what options are on the car and to say "yes, I'll take it" made for a very short night (part of it on the couch watching the National Geographic channel). So I was up early and got to the dealership by 9:45am and said " YES, I'LL TAKE IT"!!!!!!:D :D :D :cheers:

The order number is GFK160 and was shipped on 3/18/2006. Hopefully, she does not set in the rail yard in Tampa for too long. I'll be feeling like Earnest!!I told BOB I would try not to call him too much (yeah,right!!) in the next two weeks.

The only things the car does not have on it are: Limited Slip Differential, Spoiler and XM Radio, otherwise she will be a beauty!!!
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