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got a vip pass

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I got a call from my dealer saying there is going to be a showing in downtown minneapolis of the sky on dec 3rd....however I have to go pick up tickets to get it to this event.....supposely there will be wine and food this common for sky showing????????
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Angelqute1 said:
I'm a little confused. Did you see the car at your dealership or did you go somewhere else that your dealership told you about? I saw mine at my dealership and there was no food or wine there. I was curious because I can't imagine a car dealership serving alcohol. But I also went later in the evening. I did hear from someone else (I can't recall who) who did say that the dealership had a big spread of food and drink though.
Does this sound unusual? On our Saturn dealers website it came up on Monday that the SKY will be shown by invitation only at two different restaurants in town and at one nightclub! Then it will be at all three dealerships in mid December! Is this how SKY's all over the place are being introduced in different cities? As a side note, I e-mailed the communications manager of GM, Saturn division about when the automatic will be introduced and he said what my dealer said and that was that it will be available at launch not six or ten months down the road. Interesting huh?! We'll see! I'm waiting patiently for my invite....
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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