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Got my New Sky 2 weeks ago.

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I received my SKY two weeks ago and it is more than I could have imagined. I have the 1st one in Columbia, SC. It is Silver Pearl. I had it built fully loaded. It was well worth the wait.:D
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where r the pics...waiting for my silver pearl...also loaded, of course..
Hello LynCau... :cheers:

Here are the pics taken before it was picked up...

On The Truck
Another On The Truck
You Guessed it, On The Truck
Getting Off The Truck
Front Left Wheel CLOSE

I had posted them before!!! :thumbs:



:willy: BA :willy:
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mike you will recieve yours very soon!!
but here is one of the photos you took of my sky


Thats a beautiful car. What did you name him

Was able to be at the Dealership when they moved your Sky to the showroom floor. It is beautiful. I wanted so bad to touch it and look inside, but I was told hands off it was sold. (Which I already knew when I went to look at it.) If you look at my gallery I have pictures that I took of it with my phone.

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it so much. I hope to have mine soon, but haven't even gotten the VIN yet.
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