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Thanks to the help of a forum member (Thanks BDS!) we are kicking off VDI group buy since we have not done one in awhile. Also these kits will be here in time for installs at Nationals this year and since we have installed over 50 sets of these now on Kappas you can make sure it is done by someone that has done it before. We are also one of the few authorized installers and service centers in the US by VDI, so if you need any support down the road we can help.

So starting today we are going to have a group buy on the vertical doors, and here is a little more of the details:

*** Just a note, we can not post the pricing anywhere for this, as it was too low to advertise. Contact us at (864-438-4949), email us at - [email protected] or send us a PM for the status of the group buy and what the current price is at. ***

If you have been on the fence and been thinking about getting a set of VDI’s for your Sky, Solstice or Opel (yes we can ship these overseas), here is your chance at the best deal on them. These are genuine VDI kits that will be shipped direct from VDI to you, not the cheap universal kits sold on Ebay. This way if you have any problems with them we will be there to service them for you.

These kits do require some slight trimming on the Solstice and Sky for installation, but no welding or large modifications. You can have the car returned to stock at a later time if you would need to.

The price Breakdown:

Full Retail - $1895

Our normal price $1299

For the group buy we are going to offering them to you for… a price too low to advertise

The group buy is official once we reach 3 confirmed kits sold, the last group buy we sold 9 kits, so the minimum should not be a problem.

This group buy is going to last just over a week through April 15th at Midnight. To place your order, just give us a call at 864-438-4949, send a PM to me or send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] and we will get you on the list and get your information.

You can also place your order through the website , just use the coupon code "DDMVDI" during checkout and the sale price will be shown. Once the group buy ends they are quoting us 2-3 weeks to ship. They may be able to get some of the kits ready before that, but we can not guarantee that. I am going to stress that again, we have no control over the time it takes VDI to get these made and it may take longer, if you must have them right now, please do not order them in this group buy. However this a great deal that we are offering on the door kit.

If you want to have your kit installed at nationals, we can have your kit shipped to us and haul it to nationals for you. Just let us know that is what you would like to do in the notes section and Miss Ivy will get with you on install times available.

More information here:

Sky's -

Solstice -

Contact us at (864-438-4949), email us at - [email protected] or send us a PM for the details of the group buy and we will get you the price.


If you have any questions, just let us know.

*** We can not post the pricing as it was too low to advertise Give us a call or PM us for the status of the group buy and what the current price is at. ***

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