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Seems the thread about the trailer for the sky has been worries... I can make my own.... My wife and I have traveled 48 states and 5 Canadian Prov. on a Motorcycle...just lack 4 states of being to all lower 48 states at least twice.
Never pulled a trailer with the bike..... We DO know how to travel LITE!!!!
A trailer behing the Sky seems a good idea for extended travel, and my options are WIDE open....
As for those of you that think a trailer would not be a good travel option.... I've been 3 weeks with 2 pair of jeans and 4 tee shirts...... 8000 miles....3 differnent trips.... would be nice to have other options. BTW... looking under the Sky... seems an easy hookup for a reciever hitch.

On the Road a While.....hotglue
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