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I noticed there is an old thread with now defunct pictures on repairing your key fob.
If that's too much for you, here is an easy way to get new fobs for relatively cheap.

I used this kit ($53~): as found in this parts list I maintain: Kappa Parts

I also bought a spare fob, and programmed it as well using the kit ($10~):

The Dorman website with the howto on the packaging no longer exists, so here is my quick and dirty:
1) Turn key to electronic on position
2) Plug in OBD dongle
3) Press both unlock and lock buttons on fob until dongle light turns green
4) Test fob
5) Repeat for EVERY fob (new and old)
6) Turn off car
7) Unplug dongle

That's it! I'm a total novice with cars, and It was incredibly easy, especially considering videos and whatnot had slightly different processes.

Tips: Your obd2 is directly under your steering. This will reset your fob program link code (or whatever it is called), so make sure you do it to your old fobs too. This may throw off an ECM communication code after doing it. Just take it to an automotive store, and have it cleared.
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