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[2015 Update]
2013 Update is still valid.

New for 2015: It helps if your first post has enough information to distinguish it from spam. Automated spam AI is becoming more sophisticated by pulling nouns, verbs, and objects from other posts in the thread and constructing first post sentences that occasionally make sense to the topic. In general, short first posts that appear like spam will remain queued until the member can be identified as legitimate. A good place to legitimize yourself is the introduce yourself thread:

[2013 Update]
New Members, if your post does not show up within one day, please PM Bogie.

Also, if you're looking for the place to introduce yourself, it is located in the first sticky in the General Discussion Forum; link below:

Used to be, when you registered on the site, you got an activation e-mail that had to be used to activate a new account. The old system is included below, but no longer valid.

The newest system in place for new registrants is this:

When a new user registers, there are a few auto-filters that check for issues with the new id, including whether the originating IP address is from one of the thousands of spam-related domains, etc.

This new user is considered a "Junior Member", and has a limited private message box size. This is to reduce to possibility of PM-spamming, which we have had issues with on and off over the years, but they are still able to send a PM to a moderator or admin, and receive a PM or two.

This "Junior Member" can post, but their posts are MODERATED, meaning that a moderator or admin has to look at the first post to be sure that the post is not from a spamming ID. This post does not become visible to the forum until it is approved.

The "Junior Member" must make at least one post in an auto-related section, so their total post count is at least 1. See all about post count (

One a "Junior Member" has at least one automotive-related post, the system will detect this and usually within 2 hours of the approved post showing, they will be auto-upgraded to a normal "Member", with a more normal sized PM box, and the ability to post without having to be moderated.

This system seems to be the most effective for near-elimination of spamming. It is also somewhat moderator-labor intensive, so please have patience. Please be sure to post in an AUTOMOTIVE-related forum or thread. Posting in off-topic sections will not result in a post that counts.

See also: New Members: please read if you have trouble with PM and profile - Pontiac Solstice Forum

Old Information said:
This information is old, but left for posterity - a new system is installed per the description above.

When you register, you will be sent an e-mail to activate your account. You must use the link in that e-mail to activate/validate your ID to make sure you have used a valid e-mail address when you registered.

You will not be able to post until you activate your account.

MANY TIMES, this e-mail gets picked up by the spam filter on several e-mail services.

When this happens, depending on whose e-mail service you use, you may never see this e-mail.

If you think you haven't recieved your activation e-mail,


Also, you need to be sure the settings in your e-mail account do NOT AUTOMATICALLY DELETE JUNK MAIL.

In nearly every case so far, this has been the solution to the new user's problems.

If you have difficulty, feel free to PM any/all of the mods to get assistance. We are not on 100% of the time, so please be patient, and we will try to get to you as soon as is feasible.

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