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Head/Marker/Turn lights

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Head/Marker/Turn lights *pics*

What is that extra bulb/reflector in the composite headlight for? Is it a marker light? Turn signal? And the extra light above the fog light- as with the current ions, will that be an amber daylight running lamp, or is it a turn signal, or both?
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That's a good question. Can anyone answer that?
Turn signal/DRL. It'll be the bright amber color too.
check this out:

It looks like saturn did a version with clear corners for show, but the production model will have street-legal (d'oh) amber marker lights. I'm sure this will be one of the first aftermarket products available!

Amber production model:

Clear "show" model:
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if the fender signal comes in yellow then im smoking it our asap. the sky will be in black for me so i dont wanna detract from the sleek black look so... smoke em if you got em.
that'll look nice... just make sure you do a nice glossy job :cool:
i have learned that some of the best mods are the free or greatly reduced ones. using R/C model car tint, a little sanding and then some auto clear coat, its a pretty nice job. the reason i use model car tint is cause its specially made to adhere to plastic and is less likely to chip off. i MITE even smoke out the tails and third brake lite. not sure about it yet. depends on what interior i get on the car. black and red leather then im leaving it alone. if i get the cloth then im smoking it.
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