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Heard something interesting on NPR last night

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Ok, on my way to work last night they were talking on NPR about one of the plants that GM has just announced closing is the one that produces Saturns. The guy was talking about the future of Saturn possibly becoming more like the dealers of their other cars due to the lack of popularity with their brand. Like not trying to be so different than a regular dealer, and trying to get their reliability stereotype fixed. Did anyone else hear about this? Is the Sky made at the same plant that makes the other cars? It didn't say they were getting rid of Saturn, like Oldsmobile, but just that this particular plant was closing. I want to make sure I understand something.
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They're closing one line at the TN Saturn plant, not the entire plant. ION production is moving to wherever they make the Chevy Cobalt. Given their similarities, building them on the same line is a move GM probably should have made some time ago. The Sky will be built at the Wilmington, DE plant where the Solstice is built and my current Saturn came from.

The company is changing to become more like other divisions of GM so that it can offer nicer products and compete better. Saturn's cars are becoming more mainstream, which is necessary for the brand to survive. One key part of that is the upcoming attractive styling, another is getting rid of the plastic body panels.

The dealer experience is the one thing Saturn wants to keep the same. They have gained a great reputation for service, and people enjoy the no-haggle pricing. That experience is likely the only reason the brand is still around. The main problem with the dealers is that no one is shopping in them, which they're trying to fix.
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