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Help identifying vacuum line (Non-Stock)

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So I've been putting my Sky back together after a new head gasket and I'm having trouble figuring out where this vacuum line goes. TRDL; I sent it to a shop beforehand and it was in pieces when I got it back.
This line goes from the turbo and wastegate and joins with this third smaller section. I can't see anywhere this would plug in to. The car has an aftermarket BOV, and all the vacuum lines on the driver's side are all accounted for and isolated from these 2. Anyone have the same setup that could show me where this goes?
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Does anyone have any ideas? Would it just be a way to terminate the stock wastegate since the Synapse BOV is in charge now?
Is this on a 2.0 or is it a 2.4 converted to a turbo? Can you supply photos of the compartment showing the full engine?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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