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I know the song went.... Hey Jude, but I had to get your attention somehow.

I just wanted to share with you that the General Sales Manager at Saturn of the Valley has gone above and beyond for me, in terms of keeping me looped in when the Saturn was going to come in (he let me know as soon as he heard) and just for putting up with me in general. I was actually a bitchy skeptic in the beginning, not know what to believe about the car coming and when... Until I came to the forum.

Now I feel "all growd up!" :)

But He told me you were there last Friday for a couple of days and he said ya'll went to dinner and had a nice time and that you were a wealth of information and a super duper person, so I just wanted to thank you, well, for being you and also being such a large part of this forum. You've been an asset to this site and your posts, and the readers and "posters" should thank you for all of your support and information shared.....

Best Regards,
Rachel, ummmm.... I mean Angelqute1
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